Awaken Your Passion

As an Executive Coach and Transformational Trainer, I love working with people (especially teens) that are passionate about making an impact in the world. Most often though, people are only infatuated with end result and have no appetite for the journey it takes to get there. The journey is challenging, and the character building process along the way can be brutal. We try to cut corners, avoid the hard work and then end up feeling like an imposter when an opportunity comes and we are standing before the very people we are called to serve. Only to find we have only been serving ourselves.

If you want to be great and stand on the world stage with your character in tact, do the hard work and fall in love with the journey of BECOMING. Fall in love with all of it…the good, the bad, the brutal honesty and feedback the Universe will set at your feet as you are trying to gain your confidence. All of it is part of the process and essential to becoming great.

Les Brown’s words echo in my mind…”You have greatness in you”…and you all have been created for purpose. Do your work, be like the camel and go through the eye of the needle. There are blessings on the other side. Grace & Peace.

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