Technically Speaking Mastermind

Join the next Cohort and start your speaker journey with a group of like-minded leaders that are ready to take their public speaking skills to the next level.

The Keynote Lounge & The CEO Keynote Lounge

The Keynote Lounge is a 6-week intensive designed to teach you frameworks and techniques to create impactful and moving keynote speeches.

The CEO Keynote Lounge is for C-suite professionals that want to enhance their keynote delivery to have a greater impact on their organizations.

SPEAK LIFE Speaker Community

Speak Life is a speaker community of like-minded professionals that want to continue their speaker journey post Technically Speaking. Connect with other graduates and continue to participate in challenges and events.

Rear view of the teens sitting in the classroom and raising hands to answer the question.


Technically Speaking for Teens

If you are interested in hosting a public speaking course for your youth group, please schedule a discovery call and let's create a plan to empower the next generation or orators.

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"The journey to becoming a phenomenal speaker does not happen overnight, it happens each day you put in the work towards your goal."

- Tamrah Barber


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Download our FREE Speaker Calendar and start your speaker journey today!